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Monday, 30 July 2007

Ive only just figured out just how much builds up for me..

A whole weeks worth of crap been going on, yet i dont take it out, and on the last day, one simple move can set me off on a rampage.

Say a whole weeks worth of shit goes on, and im caging the beast up, and then i drop a plate. Thats it. I will release everything at once. I need to find someway to channel all my anger productively/constructively before someone gets seriously hurt.

Its like i have no control when it comes out. A walking, talking riot on legs:S

It always happens like this; incident, fists clench, fists unclench, walks on, incident, punches wall, goes on, incident, swears at everyone, punches someone in the face, does exactly what the fuck i feel like.

Im one of those people, who tells it like it is. People get hurt yes, but its better that they know. No i dont go out of my way, not that sort of information. I mean like, good friends stab you in the front sort of honesty. So you wouldnt discover something that you wouldnt know already.

You must think im the biggest nutcase out thereTo them these streets belong - Rise Against - BEST BAND EVER!!! right now, but everyone gets angry...just some...almost 10 times worse. But dont worry, i usually come prepared....usually..

Ahh well!

Morel of the story is.

Talk shit, spit blood

Posted by welsh-sk8r-gurl at 4:40 AM EDT
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Woot first entry.
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Wait and Bleed- Slipknot

Yay woo, first entry. Dw, this isnt a serious one, im just trying it out to see how it looks. Pretty mad i imagine.




Posted by welsh-sk8r-gurl at 4:14 AM EDT
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